Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Work Holiday Parties

My company doesn't do a big holiday party and the group that I work in doesn't either.  We usually get together before the holidays, but I would really love to have a big fancy corporate holiday party to go to. 

So, I've seen many holiday party outfits on blogs and on Facebook... so I started thinking about getting all dressed up for some such party. 

I found myself drawn mostly to sheath dresses.  I like that the first dress is sparkly, and therefore seasonal, but not over the top.  The second, the lacy dress, is classy.  And the last dress is fun and sparkly, but still not too over the top because of the more muted tone.  And most importantly, because I'm planning for a work holiday party, while they're all gorgeous, the dresses still keep you covered.  You could easily throw a blazer on over any of them to keep you warm and professional, too.

I think if I had to choose, I'm really partial to number 3.  But that could change at any moment.

Does your company do a big holiday party where you get to get dressed up?  What do you wear?

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  1. That second dress is so gorgeous!! We are wearing Christmas sweaters to my work party :)


  2. great picks.. I especially like the second two

  3. I've never worked somewhere that had a fancy holiday party. I love the second dress, I'm not that into sparkles.


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