Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Unexpected Sewing Project

I bought a sewing machine a while ago when Amazon was having a great deal.  I'd been wanting one for a while and had been doing lots of research before choosing this one, mostly because it was on sale and every machine has positive and negative reviews.  Anyway, I would never claim to be a good seamstress, so I figure a decent machine would suffice. 

I let the machine sit in the box for months before finally asking my friend to help me get it set up.  I hadn't used a machine since home ec in 8th grade and even that experience was a bit light.  We only made one pillow; mine was square because I was told it's easier to sew in a straight line than in a circle.  A chicken from the get-go apparently.

Anyway, my friend kindly gave me a nice refresher on how to set up and use the machine.  We made a trip to Joann's for some other items and I finally picked up the material for my first project.  Pillows, of course!  Yep, they will be square (still a chicken)!  But then once I bought the materials, they sat on the floor in the room for a while. 

Cut ahead to a few weeks ago when my husband decided he was going to start homebrewing beer.  Well, he kicked off his beer brewing on Black Friday while I was out shopping.  After he was done with that, it went into the basement to ferment.  Unfortunately, he realized that the basement is a bit cold and the fermentation wasn't going as quickly as he'd like.  Enter his crazy idea to make a thermally insulated blanket for his carboy (beer fermenter).  This resulted in a trip to Walmart to pick up black fabric (fleece) and a mylar thermal blanket.

And that was my first sewing project with my sewing machine.  I sewed the mylar reflective thermal blanket to the fleece and then sewed them together to create a fitted carboy blanket.  Not a glamorous first project, but he was so excited!  (And it works... bonus!)

At the top, you can see it in the fermentation setup.
At the bottom, you can see the bottom flipped out to show the thermal insulation.


  1. Yay new sewing machine! and I think the thermal turned out perfect

  2. Yayy congrats on your first sewing project! I know its not a pillow, what you wanted to do at first, but now it gets you started! I cannot wait to see your pillows in the future.


  3. This is like science! You are way too cool!

  4. This is awesome!!! My husband homebrews too so I'll have to remember this if we ever have it in a place that is too cold! :-)

  5. I think this was a great first sewing project for the machine!
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