Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Card Ideas

So every year we do a Christmas card with a picture of the family.  Me, my husband, and Henry.  And I'm totally stumped as to what we should do this year.  I was really considering just buying boxed card sets... but it really is nice to do a real picture once in a while.  We just never do them throughout the year.  But I'm really struggling for inspiration.  So, any suggestions?

Some previous cards:
Photos from last year and 2011
Last year's Christmas card outtakes

This is too cute not to share:



  1. Do some DIY. Ask google! There's a lot in the net and personalized one are the sweetest! :)

  2. lol.. those outtakes were funny.
    a nice simple family picture is usually a great way to go..
    you can google some idea's online if you'd like to diy instead of a family picture.. there are some simple ones using wasbi tape i spotted


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